Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012 Almost gone! Where does time go?

Hi everyone,
 Its been a very busy year, hubby and I moved to a Canal home to have more room and we are so happy with our new home! Our Harleys now have their very own garage:) Living on the water again has given us the itch to buy a new boat...that will come in due time!
Good news is we have started training about 6 new clients for contests and are proud to say we are doing very well with team Nixon! We have bikini master ladies and bikini open girls as well as figure & fitness and one male BB so far. We dont want to take on to many clients because we feel that you can lose the one on one attention EVERYONE deserves...so to us its about Quality, Not Quantity.Our male BB won two of his 3 shows this yr and came in 5th at a national qualifier, very proud of him, our bikini girls are taking names and kickin booty too! We are very excited about a new fitness client who also wants to try her hand at Figure in Nov.

I am also very happy to be working at Hammock beach Resort on the ocean front in Palm Coast as of Jan. of this year, I have some really awesome clients there and the atmosphere there is exclusive and its like being in Paradise everyday!We are blessed in so many ways to be living here in Beautiful sunny Florida!

Sadly this year has also left our hearts broken by the loss of my brothers youngest daughter heather, she was only 12, she was killed by a drunk driver on August 17th. God has a beautiful Angel by his side for sure, but its been very hard moving forward, God gives me strength  without him I would be lost forever.

I hope 2012 has been a great year for all of you and moving into the Holiday season you all will be blessed and surrounded by friends and family! Stay well and take care of your God givin bodies, we don't know how long we have here on earth. Take care of yourselves, your friends and your families.  
    Mind , Body & Spirit must be feed each day!
                      In Peace & Health
                           Vicki Nixon IFBB Pro

Thursday, July 19, 2012

JULY 2012

HEY Everyone! Its July 2012 already which means we have been living here in Florida almost 2 yrs come Oct! Time here is FLYING! We LOVE living in such a beautiful state near the ocean! We sold our condo and moved into a Canal Pool home last Dec 5th! We are still only 5 mins from the Ocean:) I am blessed to have gotten a personal fitness trainer job at the Famous 5 Start Hammock Beach Resort which is located on the beach on A1A Palm Coast, closer to our home. I also have a Team of girls and guys that I help prepare for contests, at present I have 4 bikini girls, one physique and one Male BB. 2 of which will be competing this Sat in the NPC Ancient City Classic in St Augustine beach! My hubby is still working his magic as a massage therapist at 2 locations and he also works with clients at their homes and at Hammock Dunes as a fitness trainer. Keeping busy with clients and enjoying down time with our new friends here has been so amazing! Hope you all are having a wonderful summer! Stay well and keep in touch!
   God bless,
   Vicki IFBB Pro Athlete   

Thursday, November 17, 2011

IFBB PRO Vicki Nixon

Hey everyone! Its already Nov 17th! Closing in on Turkey day quick! My hubby and I are heading to Hilton head SC for a few days with my mom & dad, we are really looking forward to that! They came down here to Florida for a few days a couple weeks ago and we had a BLAST! Lots has happened since my last blog! 1st thing is we sold our condo and settle on the 1st of Dec..and bought a house on the water with a pool and make settlement on that the 5th of Dec. VERY excited about that! our very own pool and on the canal, so one day we will have a boat again...we LOVE being on the water so much! Also we cruise on the 18th for a 5 night Caribbean cruise, I have never been on a cruise before and we are like two little kids awaiting that trip for sure! The day we come back from that we head to Hilton head again to spend 5 nights with my mom & dad again in Hilton Head SC, so MUCH going on this Holiday season ..PLUS having to move! I have been blessed also to have a new job training clients at a Beautiful beach resort here in Palm Coast, so if your ever in Palm Coast come see me at Hammock Beach resort! I still will continue to train a few clients at Flagler One in Flagler Beach also. I am still training hard in the gym myself 6 days a week as always:) I Hope you all have a wonderful, safe happy & Healthy Holiday season! Please feel free to contact me at hog2@cfl.rr.com for any reason! I love hearing from my fans! Well I need to get busy, have a few more box;s that need packing:)
 Peace & Love Always,
     Vicki Nixon IFBB Pro Athlete

Thursday, September 22, 2011

IFBB Pro Vicki Nixon

WOW! Its been forever since my last blog!! I lost all my old info and had to create a New account...but here I am! Moved to sunny Florida Finally last Oct! Hubby retired from the NJ PD and here we are!! We Love it here!!! I just did 2 more IFBB Pro Figure shows and can say I am done competing in Figure for sure now! I had fun in that division for 2 yrs, but I am a Bodybuilder at heart. The drug use in the industry made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to hang with the big girls...to each their own, but I had NO desire to achieve the look they continue to reward.I am still doing my personal training and will continue to help others reach their goals in fitness, matter of fact, I have a 1st timer competing in bikini this weekend at the NPC Daytona Classic!! I am so excited for her!! GOOOOOOO Jessica! Lots to do today so I will end for now and say...its WONT be a year before I post again! :) Its good to be back! Peace & Love & Health
 Vicki Nixon IFBB Pro Athlete & Trainer