Thursday, September 22, 2011

IFBB Pro Vicki Nixon

WOW! Its been forever since my last blog!! I lost all my old info and had to create a New account...but here I am! Moved to sunny Florida Finally last Oct! Hubby retired from the NJ PD and here we are!! We Love it here!!! I just did 2 more IFBB Pro Figure shows and can say I am done competing in Figure for sure now! I had fun in that division for 2 yrs, but I am a Bodybuilder at heart. The drug use in the industry made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to hang with the big each their own, but I had NO desire to achieve the look they continue to reward.I am still doing my personal training and will continue to help others reach their goals in fitness, matter of fact, I have a 1st timer competing in bikini this weekend at the NPC Daytona Classic!! I am so excited for her!! GOOOOOOO Jessica! Lots to do today so I will end for now and say...its WONT be a year before I post again! :) Its good to be back! Peace & Love & Health
 Vicki Nixon IFBB Pro Athlete & Trainer 


  1. How weird is this? I rewatched Beyond the Pain last night and remembered that I'd seen you came out of retirement and are doing figure. So I went searching for you today to catch up and see what you've been doing since the video. And here you are! I am so inspired by that video. I'm going to watch it again tonight. Thanks, Vicki!

  2. Oh and I think you should consider doing the Women's Physique Division when it goes pro. I agree, I like you in bodybuilding over figure. Women's Physique would be perfect.